Staff Directory

* Denotes eCoach

Office Staff

Principal - Natalie Schneider (Contact Me)
Assistant Principal - Adam Korengel (Contact Me)
Treasurer/Administrative Assistant - Jennifer O'Neill (Contact Me)
Administrative Assistant - Robin (Nicky) Young (Contact Me)
Nurse - Lynn Wirick (Contact Me)
Head Custodian - Teresa Ritchie (Contact Me)
Cafeteria Manager - Aimee Clark (Contact Me)
Before and After Care Site Leader - Tess Jones (Contact Me)

Special Areas

Art - Jane Dobson (Contact Me)
Music - Janet Woods (Contact Me)
Physical Education - Stephen Tutsie (Contact Me)
Communication Studies - Randy Tomes * (Contact Me)
Media Center - Polly McQuillen (Contact Me)

Grade One

Kathleen Madia (Contact Me)
Amanda Koch (Contact Me)
Melissa North (Contact Me)
Laura Miller (Contact Me)

Grade Two

Lorri Losee (Contact Me)
Nolise Stone (Contact Me)
Donna Miller (Contact Me)
Rhonda Allen (Contact Me)

Grade Three

Emily Miller (Contact Me)
Alicia Stevens (Contact Me) Title I Team Lead
Kiley Pardieck (Contact Me)
Dorie Zelaya (Contact Me)
Katrina Greer (Contact Me) Title I Team Lead

Grade Four

Felicia Chambers (Contact Me)
Charity Nelis (Contact Me)
Courtney Andrews (Contact Me)
Vickie Rushing (Contact Me)

Grade Five

Emily Stevens (Contact Me)
Elizabeth Murphy (Contact Me)
Nikole McCord (Contact Me)
Jessica Huskisson (Contact Me)

Grade Six

Kellie Hennessy (Contact Me)
Alison McClarnon * (Contact Me) Title I Team Lead
Martha Gavit (Contact Me)
Keith Story (Contact Me) Title I Team Lead
Carol Isenhart (Contact Me)

School Resource Staff

Behavioral Mentor - Michael Terry (Contact Me)
Resource - Abby Williams (Contact Me)
Resource - Megan Kartholl (Contact Me)
Functional Academics - Veronica Berry (Contact Me)
Functional Academics - Carol Kortman (Contact Me)
Speech and Language  - Camille Weyer (Contact Me)
Gallahue - Blair Dale (Contact Me)
School Psychologist - Jennifer Blair (Contact Me)