Primary Math On The Go

Math On The Go

Try these games the next time you are driving with your child or passing time while waiting for an appointment.

What’s My Number?
This game is about students learning to be systematic, methodical and organized in their reasoning.  Tell your child you’re thinking of a number between 1 and 100.  Their task is to determine what your number is using no more than 7 “yes or no” questions.  As soon as your child asks a specific number, the game is over whether is it right of wrong.
You may raise the top number as your child becomes systematic in his/her guesses.
Questions that might be asked:  Is the number more than 10?  Does it have a 4 in the ones place?  Is it an even number?
Higher or Lower
This is a “Guess My Number” game.  First decide how big the number can be, i.e. is it between 0 and 100; 100 and 1,000 or 1,000 and 10,000.  This will depend on the age of your child.  One person is IT. (This might be the adult if you are playing with one child.)  IT thinks of a number and writes it down without telling or showing the others.  The other players take turns guessing the number and listening to the clues by IT.  These clues will only be “Higher” or “Lower”.  IT says “Higher” if her number is higher than the guessed number or “Lower” if her number is lower than the guessed number.  The winner is the player who guesses the number.
License Plate Game
Watch the license plates all around you. Try and spot numbers in sequence on a license plate.  For example, find a 1 then a 2 then 3 and so on.  Try to move into the teens and on to the twenties and above by spotting license plates with the 2 digits side-by-side.