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Intermediate Math Games - Dice

Games: Dice

Grab some dice and have some fun and improve your child's math skills at the same time!

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Dice War for Two Players - Multiplication

Each player rolls two dice.  Each player finds the product of their dice.  The player with the greatest product gets a point.  If there is a tie, each player rolls again.  The player with the highest product on the second roll gets two points.  The first player to score 10 points is the winner.
The Game of Pig

Objective: To be the first to score 100 points or more.
Players take turns rolling two dice and following these rules:  1. On a turn, a player may roll the dice as many times as he wants, mentally keeping a running total of the sums that come up.  When the player stops rolling, he or she records the total and adds it to the scores from the previous rounds.  2.  But, if a 1 comes up on the dice before the player decides to stop rolling, the player scores 0 for that round and it’s the next player’s turn.  3.  Even worse, if a 1 comes up on both dice, not only does the turn end, but the player’s entire accumulated total returns to 0.
Comparing Numbers Game

Divide a piece of paper into two columns, one for each person.  Write each player’s name at the top of the column.  Player 1 rolls two dice.  He then must decide which number to use as the numerator and which to use as the denominator.  Player 1 records his fraction in his column on the paper.  Player 2 follows the same procedure.  Compare the two fractions using the >, <, and = symbols.  To keep score, decide which fraction earns the point, biggest or smallest, and record a tally mark at the bottom of the appropriate column after each round.