Parent Resources



Please remember to call the school office at (317) 964-4205 by 8:15 a.m.. each day that your student is absent or tardy. Homework requests must also be made through the office before 8:15 a.m.  Thank you for your cooperation!

Parent Involvement

The Crestview Family believes that the involvement of parents in their children's education is vital, therefore the school stresses a parent-teacher team approach. Parents are encouraged to be involved in all aspects of school life.

An active Parent-Faculty Association meets on a regular basis to cooperatively plan for the success of our school. Many family activities are provided throughout the year.


After the first two weeks of school, we welcome your prearranged visits in your child's classroom.  Please contact your child's teacher to set up an appointment for a prearranged visit.

For your child's safety and education, we cannot allow family members/guardians to walk into the classroom unexpectedly or meet with the teacher without an appointment.

Family members/guardians who wish to eat lunch at school with their child(ren) MUST call the school office at (317) 964-4200 and make a reservation by 9 a.m. of the day they wish to visit.  Background checks are not required for lunch visits, but the family member/guardian is only permitted to sit with the student at a designated visitor's lunch table. Lunch visitors must go to the cafeteria upon arrival and depart immediately at the end of the lunch period.  Lunch visitors may either purchase a hot lunch from the cafeteria or bring a sack lunch from home. Please do not bring in food from a restaurant and please refrain from bringing large bills (greater than $5) to make cafeteria purchases as the cafeteria does not maintain large amounts of cash on hand for change.

All visitors must sign in at the office, present a valid ID, wear a visitor badge, and will be escorted to their destination. 

Volunteers must pass a limited criminal background check, and may only be in the school for the agreed upon time to accomplish a task.  Volunteers are not permitted to go to other parts of the school or participate in activities that are not part of the prearranged visitation plans.  Visitors and volunteers may not discipline students on school grounds.  If a visitor or volunteer sees a problem, they should notify the nearest school employee.

Thank you for your support in providing a safe environment for our children!