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October 27th, 2014
The third grade at Crestview School of Communication has been studying logo design this year in their Communication class taught by Mr. Randy Tomes.  This unit incorporates all three strands of communication identified by the school—oral, visual, and media. 
The students first learn to identify and define what a logo is, making observations in and around their community.  Next, the students learn what a slogan is and how it helps support a company’s advertising, image and brand.  The students then learn how to use the basic tools in Microsoft PowerPoint to design their own personal logo that represents them.  Through this process the students develop an understanding of what it takes for a designer to develop a logo and the importance of simplicity in their design.  The students also learn that logos represent more than just a company, but an idea.  They learn how a simple Nike swoosh can represent many ideas and values in today’s society.
After the students get comfortable using the tools to design a logo, they are put into small groups.  Each group creates their own fictional company, including a name, slogan, and three to five logo designs, which they later narrow down to one.
The final component in the unit is commercials.  Each group develops a commercial for their company using a computerized storyboard template to compile photographs, graphics and video.  Each group then brings their electronic storyboard into the studio and the commercial is filmed using the green screen and the studio Tricaster. 
The final product is broadcasted on the afternoon CVTV news program, much like commercials you would see during local and national news.  Every CVTV broadcast is uploaded to the Crestview Facebook page ( ) for the world to see.  Some commercials have also been linked to QR codes placed in the school calendar, which is sold by the third grade.  By airing the commercial with the news, the students have an opportunity to demonstrate all three strands of communication—oral, visual, and media—to the school and the world.