Alerts: Jan 18, 2019
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Students at Crestview School of Communication get hands-on experience in the world of broadcasting in the school’s state-of-the-art digital television studio. Students gain real-world experience by operating the
cameras, writing the scripts, and handling all transitions. Students also learn to communicate through print, online communications, and video conferencing.

Using inquiry-based teaching strategies, educators guide students as they explore questions that interest them. Project-based work encourages higher-level thinking, and large and small-group discussions help students learn to express their points of view.

All grade levels utilize a Core Curriculum based on Indiana State Standards, taught in all Lawrence Township Schools. The Readers and Writers Workshop approach is used in Language Arts, Balanced Math, Science, Social Studies, and Social Skills & Community Building.

Crestview is one of four elementary sites that house the district High Ability program.  Students in the High Ability program are given learning opportunities and curriculum that address their need for more advanced and accelerated content. High Ability teachers provide many ways for students to use a variety of thinking skills and self-direction to allow for authentic learning at their level. Some of the classes use the multi-age service model. Students are grouped by skills, abilities and interests among a range of grade levels to ensure that they receive differentiated instruction.